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“The success of the project is seen in the recaptured vigor of downtown as a place to work, live and play. GTS Development and Steve Swisher deserve recognition for managing the organizational effort including operational studies, programming, design, construction and fund-raising to bring the theater to reality”
- John Ballard, Magic Space Entertainment

Leaders in Planning, Design and Program Management

GTS provides successful project team leadership to organize and deliver significant, complex and high visibility architectural and urban design projects. Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures workable solutions that achieve the numerous requirements of owners, operators and users. GTS provides a full range of development services from visioning to start-up.

Depth of Experience

Our team provides an extensive portfolio of skills and abilities in planning, programming, design, project management and development. Our project experience includes successful award-winning design and development of Theaters and venues; mixed-use developments, hospitality, resort, school and university projects, airport and transportation facilities, retail, office and operations centers. Our projects have exceeded owner expectations, created great places to work, live and play and have advanced their cities and communities livability and sense of place.

Team Building Approach

Successful project delivery depends on creating an alignment of goals and interests of owners, investors, operators, users, stakeholders and the community. GTS works to listen and understand their concerns, address their issues, and to create partnerships to advance the project to success. We help you select and manage the best possible architects, specialty consultants and contractors for your project. We create clear goals and accountability and manage the project team in a collaborative and problem-solving process to finish on time and under budget while meeting or exceeding client goals.