Project Description

The design for the 50-meter competition pool with diving tank and state-of-the-art bath house at Dula Center transforms the site from a malfunctioning outdoor swimming pool into a sophisticated indoor aquatic complex.

The Olympic-sized pool serves Las Vegas residents with aquatics classes for all ages, while also playing host to regional and national competitive swimmers and divers. Additional amenities in the 38,000-square-foot complex include two large multipurpose classrooms and a fitness room to support community-based education and recreation efforts.

Careful planning and execution have resulted in clear internal organization which promotes safety. Modest, sustainable building materials have been used in an innovative manner to produce a dynamic building exterior.

The design includes retractable sloping roof panels and doors to admit fresh air and natural light. Demolition of a preexisting clubhouse and pool structure at this site required a phased constructio , as well as extensive structural and soils analyses.