Project Description

Designed using a truly collaborative, consensus-building process, the visioning team for the Clark County School District Career & Technical Academy includes more than 40 educators and CCSD leaders, as well as business industry partners for each of the six academies, providing insight into realistic curriculum requirements and how to simulate the real world work environment.

The school’s unique design will integrate core academics into each industry specific technical academy. Creating a high performance building, which in turn incubates high performance students, sustainable building technologies such as daylighting, reduced energy usage, and use of natural materials were essential to the building design. The Career and Technical Academy incorporates renewable resources including daylighting and geothermal heating and cooling. This project was the first LEED Certified school in the state of Nevada.

The school’s 9,100 SF library and support space was designed with controlled natural lighting and acoustics, and will address the needs of both students and staff. The State-of-the-Art library will have wireless internet connectivity and multimedia equipment, individual and group workspaces, presentation spaces, and a staff workroom.

The Hospitality Academy was designed to duplicate a full-service commercial kitchen and banquet hall. The 6,300 SF banquet hall is supported by a 6,000 SF commercial kitchen and bakery. In addition to serving as a banquet room, the hall is equipped for presentations and for large-group training sessions. An adjacent coffee shop and outdoor café seating give students experience beyond traditional restaurant service.