Project Description

As the focal point for a 160-acre Clark County master planned park, careful planning with the client and end user was necessary to ensure inclusion of substantial programmatic requirements reflecting all departments and activities ultimately desired for the facility. Program highlights for this project include not only recreational activities, but also educational and cultural. The recreational spaces include a gymnasium, dance and aerobics rooms, arts and crafts rooms for pottery and woodworking, as well as a cooking classroom. Educational spaces include a preschool, computer lab, and resource center. In addition, several amenities have been provided for public use to support the growing cultural interests of community, including an exhibition gallery, teen center, game rooms, and public meeting rooms. Environmentally responsible design strategies were employed throughout the design.

Outdoor patios and courts are integrated into several of the spaces within the recreation center. The dynamic massing of the building enables it to shelter itself from severe sun and wind angles, while broad areas of Northern glazing and high clerestory windows provide day lighting qualities to all of the recreational, educational, and cultural spaces. Local materials were incorporated into the final building, reflecting a desert palette appropriate to the Las Vegas Valley.