Project Description

The Main & Regent District Development is a mixed-use, public/private, redevelopment project in the center of downtown Salt Lake City. The project included the masterplan, coordination and concurrent development and construction of a privately developed 25-story, 450,000 square foot office tower and the programming, operating plan, design, and construction of a 186,000 sf, 2500 seat Performing Arts Center. The work included managing the master planning and managing the development of the adjacent Regent Street as a pedestrian-oriented festival street and retail environment.

The district leverages the activity at the theater to create an 18-hour a day mixed-use environment that is a unique destination in the heart of downtown. The place-making project created a connection between the City Creek Mall and Gallivan Plaza. Interior and exterior mid-block walkways weave a district around and through the buildings connecting Main Street and Regent Street. The theater lobby was designed as a winter garden and is connected to the tower lobby. It is used for access to the tower and as an all-day public space. The truck load-in area was designed to double as an urban park and festival space. A detailed survey and opportunities analysis was completed to establish the type and size of retail opportunities for Regent Street and the entire block. A major challenge of this study was to establish a retail strategy that complemented, not competed, with City Creek Mall and other Main Street retailers.

GTS was responsible for recruiting a private developer to build the office tower. The tax increment revenue from the tower development supported the bonds for the theater. Fund raising effort and strategic communications for the project were part of GTS scope of services. GTS managed fundraising of thirty-seven and a half million dollars of corporate and philanthropic donations prior to the completion of construction. GTS led the collaboration of adjacent property owners, the private developer and the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency, Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County as project participants.