Our Services

“We believe the most critical and impactful project decisions, happen in the earliest part of the planning and development process”

Our Process

We dive deep and work diligently to understand every aspect of a project’s site, program and operational goals while considering political, financial and practical challenges and solutions.  We explore and understand opportunities, options and outcomes to inspire creative break-through thinking about the projects possibilities to find insightful concepts and solutions. Our process is to:

  • Engage owners, operators, users, stakeholders and community members in a meaningful and productive visioning process.
  • Develop team-wide alignment on a clear definition of project success that includes detailed owner requirements.
  • Assemble, manage and engage, a great project team of Architects, Engineers and Specialty Consultants and Contractors.
  • Achieve successful project delivery on-time and on-budget, through our commitment to strong communication, clear accountability, and a leadership process of collaboration and a problem- solving approach to the work.

GTS ProcessGTS Process

Planning & Programming

Visioning & Feasibility Studies

Our visioning process includes analyzing and identifying OPPORTUNITIES, exploring and prioritizing OPTIONS and integrating and synthesizing solutions that lead to successful OUTCOMES. Our process is to develop a Strategic Development Vison Plan that defines and aligns the opportunities, partnerships, mission, business plan, financial plan and program through extensive owner, stakeholder and user participation and public engagement.

Planning and Master Planning

GTS evaluates site alternatives with regard to their opportunities and constraints, impact on the facility program, connections to the surrounding community and urban fabric as well as market demand and opportunities for activation to recommend the best planning solution to meet our clients’ goals.


GTS incorporates an understanding of each client’s strategic objectives with extensive knowledge of building technology and facility standards to provide our clients with a framework for evaluating the unique characteristics of their own needs to arrive and arriving at a clear consensus on a facility program. The resulting prioritization of elements, combined with a creative insight into user and operator dynamics, allows for the conceptual programming of facilities as a foundation for great design. We typically organize tours of similar and exceptional facilities to generate new ideas and solutions.

Conceptual Design

As our firm is comprised of architects, planners, landscape architects and other design professionals, we are able to assist the client to provide conceptual design for estimating, fundraising and early project approvals, financing and marketing.

Site Analysis

Financial Analysis

Operational Planning

GTS helps our clients develop operational plans to achieve client goals. We often work with experience operators to review operating plans to confirm/test the adequacy of the site and facility programs.

Entitlement Management

Public Engagement

Public engagement is a key component to any highly visible project. GTS and our consultant team believe that successful public engagement campaigns must contain two things:  1) use a variety of research methods and careful listening to help clients understand the attitudes and needs of their constituents and audiences; and 2) respond to those needs with clear, effective and respectful communication.


GTS and our consultant team are able to work with our client to identify donor and sponsorship opportunities including fundraising strategies and identifying potential relevant grant opportunities.

Project Management Services

Architect Selection

GTS can help the client select a design team with the requisite experience, design skill, and commitment to service to translate our client’s vision. We can write or assist clients with RFPs, pre-qualify candidate firms, evaluate and summarize proposals, and negotiate contracts on behalf of our clients.

Design Management

As our firm is comprised of architects, planners, landscape architects and other design professionals, we take an active role in the design process to ensure efficient achievement of client needs and an on-budget delivery. Our extensive experience in planning successful facilities, equips us to act as the coordinator of all design activities. In addition to administering the design contract and ensuring adherence to budget and schedule, GTS will also ensure the high level of aesthetic quality, sustainability, functionality, constructability, and serviceability to maximize the return on investment for our clients.

Contractor Selection

Our team is able to select construction entities through competitive bids, RFPs, or sole-source negotiations. We will coordinate pre-construction planning; and oversee the on-site activities of the construction; to ensure adherence to the client standards for project quality, cost, and schedule.

Construction Management

Whether the owner’s interests are best served by a general contractor, construction manager, or design-build entity, GTS serves as the channel for our client’s control of the construction process. We are able to select construction entities through competitive bids, RFPs, or sole-source negotiations; coordinates pre-construction planning; and oversees the on-site activities of the construction entity to ensure adherence to the client’s standards for project quality, cost, and schedule.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Procurement

In FF&E procurement the planning process begins with understanding your precise needs and goals. Our procurement managers don’t just think in numbers. They consider design intent, styling and operator standards. A comprehensive budget framework is designed to minimize total cost while also maintaining quality. GTS will also manage installation, collation of all warranties, and service agreement documents.

Opening and Start-Up


GTS provides public-private and fee development services to both public and private clients. We provide comprehensive development leadership and supervision to ensure that all team members are fulfilling their responsibilities and that all work is well orchestrated to provide for an efficient use of the client’s resources. This work includes Architect and Contractor selection and management of all consultants for a full-scope turnkey project delivery. We employ integrated design-build, multi-prime and Construction management strategies most appropriate to the project requirements. Our management team is driven by a mission oriented, collaborative approach from initial planning through project close-out.